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About us

Our mission.

We are here to create a safe environment for single Muslims to seek their life-partner.

Muslim Matrimonial is run by a dedicated team of professional in various industries such as travel and consulting. We are the architects of a digital door-way to a vast network of qualified members who are serious and dedicated to connect with a potential soulmate.

Happy Users

One of our highest priorities are making sure we have satisfied customers and that is why we have a 7/7 support team ready for you in case you have any questions related to Muslim Matrimonial and our many services!

“Such a great platform, I found the husband I dreamed of as a little girl”


“Thank you Muslim Matrimonial for helping us find each-other!”

Doaa & Ali

“Hiring a Match-Maker made me feel comfortable about the process”


“I can’t believe ‘downloading an app’ would lead me straight to my soulmate!”


Our founders.

Led by an all-star roster of Matrimonial Consultants that know exactly what it takes to help you find someone to share your deen.

Yasmeena Menon |
Founder & CEO

Yasmeena holds a degree in Social Studies and an MBA with many years of experience in the corporate world where she has worked in management positions in multinational organizations.

She has also been a lecturer in management studies specializing in Marketing. She is also an entrepreneur, certified trainer and a life coach.

She has worked extensively with the community and understands the needs of the people, young and old. She has been responsible to initiate and organize many programs beneficial for the community.

She works closely with the community leaders, Imams and the local Mosques for various social causes and has been awarded numerous times for her efforts.

Sameer Menon |
Vice President Operations

Sameer is a revert to Islam and has been studying Islam under various International scholars.

He continues to pursue his Masters in Islamic studies.

He is also a Katheeb and he conducts workshops on comparative religion and Dawah. He is also a certified trainer in individual development and a life coach.

He is equipped with extensive years of Client Service Management experience with several multinational organizations.

He is extremely passionate and enjoys working with people and bringing new positive changes in their lives.

Nausheen Ahmed
Regional Manager

Nausheen currently lives in Brussels, Belgium with her family. She holds an Industrial Electronics Engineering Degree.
She has a very pleasing personality, and strongly believes that positive attitude towards anything you do can go a long way in making a difference in people's life. She has been running a business in UK and has strong entrepreneurial skills.

Boutheina Hussein Al Kahlaoui
Matrimonial Counsellor

Boutheina Hussein al Kahlaoui holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Master in Behavioural Science. Being a psychologist, she has co-founded the Vocational Training Cen-tre Knowledge Seeds,dedicated to offering training in counseling, SEN, Inclusion and Educational Science.Boutheina is also the Dream Director at Future Learning Lab Dubai. Her specialities are: •Family and couple therapy •Female mental health counsellor •Cognitive Psychology •Counseling Psychology •Developmental Psychology •Educational Psychology Boutheina is a firm believer of adopting a spiritual approach to psychol-ogy in order to adhere to her Islamic values. Boutheina is fluent in French, English and Arabic.


Our team of consultants support your needs on one by one basis

Fahida Awan
Matrimonial Consultant

Fahida currently lives in Birmingham UK with her husband and two kids. She holds a Degree in Bachelor of Law and is currently studying Masters of Law. Being a highly resourceful individual, she seeks a challenging and exciting opportunity as a Tutor, Legal Secretary, Trainee Solicitor and Administrative Assistant. She has the ability and willingness to take challenges head on and is certain to be a key member of team.

Tabassum Shaikh
Matrimonial Consultant

Tabassum currently lives in India with her family. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She possesses a strong sense of responsibility and commitment and is goal oriented hardworking individual determined to succeed. She has a zest to enhance & utilise her personal & professional skills to inspire & guide people. She strongly believes that teamwork is the key for success of any organisation.

Bushra Mahboob
Matrimonial Consultant

Bushra Mahboob lives in Leicester with her family. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education. She was a teacher for over 15 years. She is very committed with his task. She wants to solve the problems of Muslim Community, especially in searching perfect life partner according to the teachings of Islam, for their beloved ones.She loves her Community very much.

Amina Farukhi
Matrimonial Consultant

Amina lives in Saudi Arabia with her family. She's a science graduate and currently pursuing Islamic studies at the Dawah and Guidance Centre, KSA. She strongly believes that a person with the correct knowledge of The Deen will find success in this World and The Hereafter. She has joined Muslim Matrimonial as a consultant because she wishes to help people find a suitable match for their loved ones. The foundations of a happy marriage requires commitment, Deen and strong family values.

Sobia Farrukh
Matrimonial Consultant

Sobia currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband and four children. She holds a bachelors degree in Science and was a teacher for over 10 years.
Sobia has an outgoing personality, is an avid reader, and very intuitive, which allows her to understand people and where they are coming from.

She wishes to give back to the  Muslim Community by making the marriage process easier for families and individuals, paying special attention to helping them clearly identify what they are looking for. 
Do you have what it takes to be a Professional Matrimonial Consultant?
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